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 رسول خدا صل اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم فرماتے ہیں انّ اللہ یحبّ أن یری عبدہ تعبا فی طلب الحلال – خدا

وندمتعال پسند  کرتا ہے کہ اپنے بندے کو رزق حلال کے حصول میں تھکتا ہوئے دیکھے

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This page is developed for seeking Halal and Vegetarian products in Australia specially Victoria. If you have any emails, sites OR any proof either in favor of OR against of Halal OR Vegetarian products, please share with us and send us email with proof on [email protected]. There are already some useful websites for this purpose which are as follows:




You can install Mobile Applications regarding Halal stuff into your mobile for example Halal E-Codes or iEat Halal for checking emulsifiers numbers and their descriptions.

Top 100 food and beverage Companies

Halal Fish List

Shared Items

Following Discussed Items and knowledge are shared with us from our community members with proof.

Cadbury Products Halal List is a list of products that have been certified halal by the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils Inc. (Confirmed on 2012-12-21 )

All Bulla products are Halal suitable, but not certified.  All Bulla Ice Cream and Cadbury Ice Cream is vegetarian suitable, but all flavours are alcohol based, the alcohol evaporates and the end product contains no detectable alcohol (Email Received on 2014-11-10)

Lindt Chocolate 

Q: Which products contain no alcohol?

 A: All Lindt chocolate products containing alcohol or alcoholic liqueurs as an ingredient do have these ingredients clearly disclosed in the list of ingredients printed on the wrapper or packaging. Lindt & Sprungli Switzerland is using a few flavourings with alcohol as carrier and these are used in filling of bars and chocolates (pralines). Taken into account that flavourings are used in small quantities in our recipes, the amount of alcohol introduced into the product via the carrier is very small (below 0.1%). (Confirmed on 2012-12-21 )


Our Halal Certified Stores are;  

NSW : Bankstown, Bonnyrigg, Casula, Macquarie Fields, Campbelltown, Guilford, 

Victoria : Werribee, Clayton, Campbellfield, Braybrook, Dandenong Hapton Park, Endeavour Hills, St. Albans, Cairnlea

Queensland ­: Mt Gravatt, Caboture, Qanon Hills

Western Australia : Maddington, Malaga

These stores produce products that only contain product and ingredients which comply with the Australian Federal Islamic Council of Australia.All other stores do not comply so are not Halal Certified. (Confirmed on 2014-10-23 and 2012-11-21)


Coles Brands (Coles Brand, Simply Less, Finest, Smart Buy, Green Choice, Organic)

Coles Original Chips (Potato and Corn) are vegetarian (means halal at the same time) but not confirm yet about others Coles Chips. (Confirmed on 2012-12-21 )

Regarding our Coles Bakery Mud Cake (500 gram). We regret to advise this this product is not Halal certified and is not suitable for vegetarians. (2013-09-10)

Regarding our Fresh Cream Filled Sponge. There is no alcohol used in this product and that the product is not Halal certified, however it is suitable for vegetarians.(2013-03-27)

At this stage, we do not have a list of Vegetarian or Halal items. Our Merchandise team are working on creating those lists, but understandably given the amount of items we do stock, this may take some time (Email Received on 2012-12-28 )

Coles halal Items

Note there is no authentication of Halal products under Halal category by Coles representative. It is just on Coles’ website under the Halal Category.


Woolworths Brands : (Macro, Homebrand, Select, Fresh)

Macro Gluten Free Chocolate Biscuits : Now you can indulge with complete peace of mind with this range of Macro Gluten Free Biscuits.  They’re vegan, dairy free, wheat free, gluten free, lactose free and low in salt.

Arnotts (Tim Tam)

Arnott’s identified trans fatty acids (TFAs) as an issue of importance more than 10 years ago and took action then to significantly reduce the level of TFAs in their biscuits by replacing partially hydrogenated animal fats with vegetable oils.

Q: Are any Arnott’s biscuits Halal or Kosher certified?

A: Arnott’s does not certify its products sold in Australia or New Zealand based on any particular religious beliefs or social preferences. (Checked on 2012-12-22)

Flora Pro-Active

Are Flora pro-activ Olive, Light and Ultra Light vegetarian?  No. They contain gelatine, which is from animal origin.

Are Flora pro-activ spreads vegetarian?

Flora pro-activ® Original contains milk and is therefore suitable for lacto-vegetarians. Flora pro-activ® Light, Flora pro-activ® Ultra Light and Flora pro-activ® with Olive Oil contain gelatine, which is from animal origin, and are therefore not suitable for vegetarians. (Checked on 2012-12-22)


McDonald’s Australia serves a selection of halal certified products in the following stores only:
Auburn: 116 Parramatta Rd Auburn, NSW
Lidcombe: 9-15 Vaughan Street Lidcombe, NSW
Punchbowl: 1171 Canterbury Road Punchbowl, NSW
Bankstown: 37 Rickard Road Bankstown, NSW
Bankstown Sq FC II: Bankstown Centro Shopping Centre (downstairs), Bankstown NSW
Greenacre North: 74 Roberts Road Greenacre, NSW
St Albans: 5 St Albans Road, St Albans, VIC
East Brunswick: Cnr Holmes and Albion Street, East Brunswick, VIC
Roxburgh Park: Cnr Somerton & David Munro Drive, Roxburgh Park VIC
Preston: Bell St & St Georges Road, Preston, VIC
A halal certification certificate is located in each of these stores indicating product products are halal certififed. Regards, Sally Bennet (McDonald’s Customer Service) (email received on 12-12-2012)

Please get satisfied on your own as these branches have other forbidden products as well in the same stores.

Guylian Chocolates All our products (Guylian Sea Shells, Guylian Sea Horses Praliné, Guylian Seahorses Strawberry, Opus, La Trufflina, Perlines, Cocoa Truffles, La Perlina Truffles, Little Guy, Sea Shell Bar, No Added Sugar Bars, 100g Bars, I Love You Praliné Hearts and Easter Eggs) are suitable for vegetarians .None of the Guylian chocolate products contain spirits or alcoholic drinks. Only the Guylian Praliné Cream. All products manufactured by Guylian in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium, have been produced under the supervision of the EuroHalal Office of Control and Halal Certification.(Checked on 2012-12-23)

Nestle Brands

Please click below links for Nestle Halal Products and Nestle Vegetarian Products

Nestle vegetarian list (Email received on 2014-05-09)

Nestle Halal list (Email received on 2014-05-09)

Thank you for your contact requesting information on our range of products.We can confirm the attached list of products as at the date listed at the top of the list have been granted Halal status by the Islamic Co-ordinating Council of Victoria Inc or the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils Inc.  Please note that the information is correct at the date of issue however, due to constant changes and upgrades we make to our products, the information is subject to change at any time.  Our ALLENS lollies and PETERS Ice Creams are not Halal certified due to the environment in which they are manufactured. However, depending on your individual requirements some products may be suitable for you:

– The gelatine used in our ALLENS products is halal (with the exception of WONKA Nerds Rope – pork is used).

– There are flavours in many of our products and as you may know, some contain alcohol as part of their carrier system – many of our ALLENS soft jelly lollies such as ALLENS Snakes Alive and ALLENS Frogs Alive and PETERS Ice Cream may contain trace amounts of alcohol in the final product as this is not totally lost during the manufacturing process.

. Our harder ALLENS lollies such as Minties, Kool Mints, Lifesavers and Lollipops do not contain alcohol. The exception to this is Kool Fruits, which may contain some alcohol in the flavour used in the coating.

. Our medicated products such as Soothers, Anticol and Butter-Menthol do not contain alcohol.

We have also attached a list of our vegetarian suitable products which may possibly be of interest to you.

***VEGETARIAN LIST ONLY*** The products listed on the attached document are suitable for a Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian (some products may contain egg, dairy or honey). Products on this list that are manufactured on equipment processing products containing animal derived ingredients will be specified.

Please note that this information is correct at the date of issue and may be subject to change. Please always check the product ingredient list on labels before consuming a product to ensure this product is suitable for you.If we can be of further assistance to you please call us on 1800 025 361 during business hours or email us at [email protected]. Sincerely, Sandra McKeon CONSUMER SERVICES ADVISER (Email Received on 2012-12-23)

Smiths Chips Brands

Please find attached a list of products suitable for vegetarians. (Email Received from [email protected] on 2012/12/24)

Vegetarian List of Smith, Red Rock Deli, Doritos, Grain Waves, Parker’s, Nobby’s 

 Smith’s Crinkle Cut® Potato Chips – Original
 Smith’s Crinkle Cut® Potato Chips – Salt & Vinegar
 Smith’s Crinkle Cut® Potato Chips – Tomato Sauce
 Smith’s Extra Crunch® Potato Chips – Original
 Smith’s Extra Crunch® Potato Chips – Salt & Vinegar
 Smith’s Extra Crunch® Potato Chips – Chilli
 Smith’s Selections Thinly Cut® Potato Chips – Original
 Smith’s Selections Thinly Cut® Potato Chips – Salt & Vinegar
 Smith’s Selections Thinly Cut® Potato Chips – BBQ Ribs
 Red Rock Deli® Potato Chips – Sea Salt
 Red Rock Deli® Potato Chips – Lime & Black Pepper
 Red Rock Deli® Potato Chips – Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar
 Red Rock Deli® Potato Chips – Grilled Chorizo & Caramelised Onion
 Red Rock Deli® Potato Chips – Fire Roasted Chilli & Sea Salt
 Red Rock Deli® Corn Chips- Fire Roasted Red Chilli & Lime
 Red Rock Deli® Corn Chips- Sea Salt
 Toobs® Savoury Tomato
 CoolPak® Popcorn – Original
 Doritos® Corn Chips – Original
 Doritos® Corn Chips – Mexicana
 Doritos® Corn Chips – Burn
 Grain Waves® – Original
 Grain Waves® – Sweet Chilli
 Grain Waves® – Smokey BBQ
 Grain Waves® – Seven Grains & Seeds Chilli and Lime
 Grain Waves® – Seven Grains & Seeds Creamy Herb and Garlic
 Doritos® Salsa Dips – Mild, Medium, Hot,
 Parker’s Pretzels® – Twists, Sticks, Lightly Baked Mini Pretzels
 Parker’s Pretzels® – Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream
 Nobby’s® Salted Peanuts
 Nobby’s® Salted Cashew Nuts
 Nobby’s® Salted Mixed Nuts
 Nobby’s® Salted Beer Nuts
 Nobby’s® Salt & Vinegar Peanuts

 Haigh’s Chocolates  Haigh’s Chocolates are not Halal certified. Some of our products also contain gelatin which is animal derived – such as our marshmallow products. Some of our products contain alcohol such as liqueurs and some of our truffles.  We do not have a list of Halal, animal free or alcohol free products available, however you can check the ingredients on our product labels. ( Email

received From [email protected] on 2012-12-24)


Please click on Sakata Vegetarian Products List. Following are Vegetarian Products. (Email received on 2012-12-26)

Rice Crackers – Natural & Classic

· Plain

· Barbeque (Natural & Classic)

· Honey Mustard (Natural)

· Italian Roast Tomato & Balsamic (Natural)

· Seaweed (Natural)

· Sour Cream & Chives (Natural)


Gourmet Bites

· Char-Grilled BBQ

· Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar

· Sour Cream & Chives

· Tomato & Basil


Rice Crackers – Wholegrain

· Original

· Cheddar & Chives

· Lemon & Black Pepper

· Smokey BBQ

· Sweet Chilli



· Original

· Pizza

· Salt & Vinegar


Cordina Farms Halal Product List which are available in Coles, Foodworks and IGA etc


Is Elevit Women’s Multi Halal certified? Answer : Yes

Is Elevit with Iodine Halal certified? : Answer : No

Ghirardelli Chocolate

In response to your inquiries, Ghirardelli does not vegetarian products. The products that we do offer are not suitable for a Halal diet and corn ethyl is used to extract the vanilla used in our products, Regards Consumer Service Chirardelli (Email Received on 2012-12-29)

Parmalat Brands (Pauls, Vaalia, Soy Life, Ice Break, Breaka, Rush,Oak, SoJuicy, Real Cheese, PhysiCAL, TRIM, REV, Skinny, Ideal Dairy)

Our double thick custard is suitable vegetarians bearing in mind most all of our products except soy is made on milk. Our flavors we use for our flavored milks are alcohol based. The gelatin derives from beef hide and is halal. You can go to our Parmalat Australia web site in the “About Us’ “Policies and Accreditation” “Certificate and Accreditation:” you will find a list of our products that are Halal certified “Halal Certificates”. Gelatin is used to thicken products, eg yogurts and dairy desserts. From blogs

They didn’t answered satisfactory on asking questions which products are Halal, Vegetarian and Non-alcoholic. There is no Vegetarian and Halal Certified List in their website and they avoided to email as well. We will try again after sometime. (Call Received on 2012-12-31 )


Here is Wrigley Halal Products List

PK® – Blue and Mint, Hubba Bubba ® – Strawberry, Extra® – Peppermint, Spearmint, Strawberry, Extra Professional® White Peppermint

You may also be interested to know the following products manufactured by The Wrigley Company for Australia do not contain any animal sourced ingredients: EXTRA® – Sweetmint,  EXTRA®Active™ Berry, Watermelon, Peppermint, Spearmint,  ECLIPSE® Peppermint, Spearmint, Cool Breeze, berry and Eclipse® Ice gum,  ECLIPSE® Chewy mints Spearmint, Fruit Trio and Peppermint, EXTRA® Professional – Lemon Lime,AIRWAVES® – Menthol Eucalyptus, HUBBA BUBBA® – Cola, 5® – Cobalt (peppermint), Electro (spearmint), Tempest (watermelon), Cirrus(Blueberry), Vortex (Apple), JUICY FRUIT® – Original, SKITTLES® – Fruits, Sours, STARBURST ® Sucks. Please note that all other Starburst products contain Pork or Beef based gelatine.

From halalauthority.org (Halal Certification Authority)

This List has more than 3000 Products of different Companies which are Halal. Please Click on Download (Received on 2013-01-09)

Devondale Products

All devondale UHT products are Halal certified by Australian Halal Food Services and vegetralian as well. Silver Light cream and Smart Omega 3S are not vegetarians (Called 2013-01-21)

All products are vegetarian otherwise Halal Certified like Light-sour-cream are not suitable for vegetarian but Halal Certified. (Called on 2013-11-29)

Toblerone Milk/Dark/Fruit & Nut/Tobelle are Suitable for Vegetarians, Suitable for Kosher, Suitable for Halal and Gluten free. Toblerone Milk Crunchy Salted Almonds is SUITABLE FOR VEGETARIANS & KOSHER DIETS. Toblerone bars do not contain any alcohol (Email Received on 20130124 ).

Blackmores Halal Products : CoQ10 75 mg, Cold Combat, Odourless Garlic, Omega Brain, Evening Primrose Oil, Kids Fruity Fishies™, Grape Seed Forte, Cod Liver Oil 1000mg, Lyprinol, Cholesterol Health™, Cod Liver Oil 1000mg, Lyprinol, Cholesterol Health™, Milk Thistle, Vitamin C 500mg, Natural E 500IU, Kids Mineral Minds™, Evening Primrose Oil + Fish Oil, Flaxseed Oil and NutriMulti™ Multi + Wholefood Nutrients, Pregnancy & Breast-Feeding Gold are Halal certified as per thier website (Checked on 2013-02-15)

Swisse Halal Products : Swisse endeavors to provide products suitable for a wide range of cultures and values. Swisse’s halal certified products include: Swisse Women’s Ultivite Formula 1 tablets and capsules, Swisse Men’s Ultivite Formula 1 tablets and capsules, Swisse Women’s Ultivite Gluten Free tablets and Swisse Men’s Ultivite Gluten Free tablets.(Checked on 2013-06-27)

Sanitarium Products: Sanitarium is owned by the Seventh Day Adventist Church and we are a Lacto Ovo Vegetarian company we also do not use any alcohol in our products, this makes all our products, including the Weet Bix Kids, suitable for a vegetarian and alcohol free diet. I have attached the current Halal certificate for you. (Email Received on 2013-02-20)

Halal Certificates for 2014 (Email Received on 2014-07-21)

Saffronroadfood Halal ProductsAll Products are Halal certified (Checked on 2013-02-20)

Steggles Products : AFIC Halal accreditation is an independent certification which recognises all Steggles products and processing plants complies with the standards and requirements set by Australian Federation of Islamic Council.(Check on 2013-02-20)

Saralee Halal Products:

Lion produces : Lion produces yogurt varieties that do not contain gelatine, the list is below. The following products also do not contain any animal derived ingredients.

Bornhoffen, Yoplait Yoplus Natural Yogurt, Farmers Union Greek Style Natural Yogurt, Farmers Union European Style Natural Yogurt, Dairy Farmers Greek Style Yogurt, Dairy Farmers Traditional Full Fat and Low Fat Yogurts, Dairy Farmers Daily Yogurt in Vanilla & Strawberry,

The Berry YoGo in the triple trek contains cochineal, therefore is not suitable for vegetarians. Cheeses suitable for vegetarians today. Coon and Cracker Barrel products (Cheddars, Coon and Reduced Fat Cheddars) – are made using non-animal rennet. COON Swiss & Swiss cheese is made at Simpson and uses non-animal rennet. Mozzarella cheese is made at Jervois and uses non-animal rennet. Mil Lel Mozzarella Kings Meadows – use “non-animal” rennet for all of the SC Fetta Cheeses and other Fetta products.

TFCC – Bocconcini and Haloumi are all made from “non-animal” rennet. Heidi – use “non-animal” rennet for all products. South Cape Goat Cheese, Persian Fetta – are all made from “non-animal” rennet.

Zooper Dooper Orange and Raspeberry have alcohol in them.Quelch fruit sticks (Blackcurrant, Mango, Apple) have alcohol in them.

We can recommend our Just Juice Orange, Premium Orange, Tomato and Orange Mango products which will be completely free from animal products.

Our milk does not contain alcohol but milk is an animal product as it comes from a cow. There is no Rennet in milk which is normally derived from the gut of an animal. So our milk is ok.

Our soy products are free of animal products too. The calcium sources used in Vitasoy products are not derived from animals. (Email received on 2013-03-21 )

Nature’s Way Vegetarian Products as per their website. Instant Natural Protein, Instant Natural Protein Strawberry, Instant Natural Protein Chocolate, Instant Natural Protein Vanilla Cansule Crampez all Types are vegetarian and non-Alcoholic.(checked on 2013 05 01)

Thank you for your enquiry with regard to whether Panadol products contain any animal derived ingredients.

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Consumer Healthcare does not test the final product for the presence of any animal derived ingredient, however we do obtain detailed information from all of our raw material suppliers, in order to address these types of questions.  From review of the supplier documentation, all of the ingredients in Panadol tablets and caplets with Optizorb, Panadol tablets and Panadol Osteo are free from any animal derived ingredients, and furthermore, any animal derived ingredient is not used in the manufacturing of any of the ingredients used in this product.

La Famiglia Q: Are La Famiglia products suitable for vegetarians? Answer: La Famiglia products are suitable for lacto-ovo vegetarians (exclude meat but include dairy products and egg products in the diet) but unsuitable for vegans (exclude all animal products from the diet). It is however, advisable to check the ingredient label of all products, as the type of vegetarian diet determines whether La Famiglia products are suitable. (Check on 2013-05-30)

Optislim Are they suitable for vegetarians?  Answer: The shakes are suitable for vegetarians only if they eat dairy, as the protein content in the shakes is from milk. There are no other animal products in the shakes. The Creamy Chicken soup contains chicken powder. Note: On phone received on the month of June 2013, They mentioned even these shakes contains animal emulsifiers as well.

Are any of the meals vegetarian? Answer: Yes, the Tikka Masala is suitable for Lacto Vegetarians and the Spinach & Ricotta Tortellini is suitable for Lacto Ovo Vegetarians.(Checked on 2013-06-26)

Healthy CareOur fish oil capsules are made using beef gelatin but they are Halal. All of our capsules and tablets are Halal. The only products that could be classed as vegetarian are our tablets.  All of our capsules are made using beef gelatin that is Halal. All of our products are non-alcoholic. (Email Received on 2013-06-26)

Ostelin : Our Ostelin categories have been assessed by the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils as being Halal. All of the ingredients used in both the capsule and the tablet, except the gelatin, are not derived from the death of an animal nor does it contain any alcohol and is therefore Halal. The Vitamin D is derived from sheep’s wool which does not involve the sheep being killed and is therefore Halal. The gelatin in the soft gel capsule is Halal certified gelatin. I.e. the cows killed to manufacture the gelatin were slaughtered according to Islamic rites and manufactured without alcohol in Halal certified premises. The manufacture of both the capsules and the tablets must ensure the Halal ingredients must not be mixed, or come into contact with haram (prohibited) materials such as categorys from pig or dog during storage, transport, cooking, serving etc.(Website was checked on 2013-07-09)

Organic Bubs baby food: All products are Halal Certified (2013-07-31)

kelloggs Halal Products Please find attached our current Halal Certificates. Please note that there may be additional Kellogg products that are suitable for inclusion in a Halal diet. We recommend you contact the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils for further information. Their number is (02) 9319 6733. Unfortunately we do not have a list of products that are vegetarian, however if you have queries about specific products we can answer those questions for you.(2013-07-31)

Mars Chocolate (MARS, SNICKERS, TWIX, M&M’S, MALTESERS, BOUNTY, DOVE, MILKY WAY, PODS) Please go to our web site www.makingchocolatebetter.com.au for a more detailed list of ingredients for all of our products. We appreciate that you took the time to contact us and thank you for your interest in our products. Regards, Mars Chocolate Customer Care Australia/NZ. Note: Most (Email Received on 2013-08-19)

Mainland Vegetarian ListMainland Colby Finely Grated, Mainland Tasty Light+ Natural Cheese Slices, Mainland Edam Natural Cheese Slices,  Mainland Extra Tasty Natural Cheese Slices, Mainland Swiss Natural Cheese Slices, Mainland Tasty Natural Cheese Slices, Mainland Colby Natural Cheese Slices,New Zealand Champions of Cheese (Check Site on 2013-08-21)

Birds Eye Halal List None of our products contain any alcohol.  Our products will state in the ingredients listing if there are any animal products present, the following products are certified Halal. Fish Cakes, Fish Fingers, Oven Bake Fish Fillets, Vegetable Fingers, Peas, Beans, Broccoli, Onion, Carrots. Thank you for taking the time to contact us. Kind Regards, Consumer Information Department, Simplot Australia Pty Ltd ( Email Recieved on 2013-08-22 )

Fonterra Halal List: We are able to inform you that the following products are Halal certified: Allowrie Butter products, Bega products, Dairy Whip Aerosol cream products, Mainland Gruyere & Blue Vein, Mainland ButterSoft, Mainland Grated, Block & Slice products, Mainland Munchables products without ham, Perfect Italiano Grated, Block and Slice products, Weight Watchers UHT Skim Milk & Cheese products, Western Star Butter products.

The following products are Halal suitable but not Halal certified: Allowrie Lard & Dripping, Jelly Cup varieties, Mainland Dry Grated Parmesan Cheese packets, Mainland Munchables without ham, Perfect Italiano Ricotta, Dry Grated Parmesan Canister, Riverina Fresh (Anlene is not Halal suitable), Anchor Milk products, Diploma Full and Skim Milk Powder.

All Nestlé, Ski yoghurts and Dairy Desserts use Halal certified gelatine sourced from Australian beef.  Ski Activ single serve and Ski Double Up are gelatine free (Ski Active 4 packs contain gelatine). Regards,  Fonterra Australia, [email protected] (Email Received on 2013-08-22)

Berocca:The Berocca Performance range is not certified Halal. However, Berocca Performance Effervescent tablets does not contain any animal derived ingredients. Berocca Performance Film Coated tablets contain lactose which is sourced from cow’s milk.(2013-10-31)

Bega Cheese : On the back of each of our products near the nutritional label are symbols that will explain if that particular product is Halal or Vegetarian. There is no alcohol used in the manufacture of cheese products.
Bulla Ice Cream is suitable for vegetarians but contains alcohol as a flavor base. The alcohol is not detectable in the end product. Please find our Halal products cert attached. (Email received on 2014-03-06)

Uniliver Products

The Emulsifier 471 used in the Streets Ice Cream products is sourced from vegetable. The gelatine used is derived from beef and is Halal, although our factory is not Halal accredited.

Many of the Streets products contain the best quality natural based flavours and natural flavours are extracted using alcohol.

Generally the alcohol source is a food chemical named Propylene glycol which in general use is synthesised in a lab, but is found naturally as an extract of natural gas.

As far as we are aware the Propylene glycol is not extracted from grapes. For specific products it is difficult to confirm the source of the alcohol used, as we source the flavours from a variety of suppliers- the alcohol may be natural or synthetic.

Please note that during processing the alcohol is evaporated from the product however there may be trace amounts (<0.1%) at the end of processing. (Email received on 2014-10-21)