Taha Humanity Association of Victoria

TAHA was established in 2011 and Taha Humanity Association of Victoria is a non-profit registered organization of the Shia Ithna Asheri Muslim community of Melbourne, Australia. Over the continuous year of hardworking, Taha accomplished the utmost important project of buying a place to worship, educate, celebrate culture and wash our dear one with love (mortuary). It is serving the religious and educational needs of over 700-800 members from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and others.

08 Muharram 1446AH

Sunday 14th July 2024

Fajr 6:10 AM
Sunrise 7:33 AM
Duhr 12:25 PM
Sunset 5:18 PM
Maghrib 5:36 PM

General advice

COVID-19 symptoms include fever, sore throat, cough, shortness of breath and loss or change in sense of smell or taste. If you are experiencing symptoms, wear a fitted face mask when you get tested.

The Department publishes expected wait times at testing sites as well as updated information about locations and hours of operation at Where to get tested.

For more information call the 24-hour Coronavirus Hotline at 1800 675 398 or visit Coronavirus (COVID-19) Victoria.

Rapid antigen tests

Advice for Victorians on when and how to use rapid antigen tests

Rapid antigen tests are quick and highly accurate. Most people should take a rapid antigen test as their first option, particularly if you have symptoms or you are a contact of someone who has COVID-19.

  • If you have symptoms or you are a household or household-like contact who must get tested, and you can’t access a rapid antigen test, you can get a PCR test.
  • You can use a rapid antigen test if you want to quickly check if you may have COVID-19, for example, before attending a crowded event, social gathering or visiting vulnerable people.
  • Rapid antigen tests may be used as part of an established surveillance program such as one organised by your school or your employer.

Rapid antigen test availability

  • You will be able to purchase a test kit from supermarkets, pharmacies or online from selected suppliers.
  • The Victorian Government is also in the process of purchasing additional rapid antigen tests which will be made available free of charge in coming weeks.
  • Eligible Commonwealth concession card holders can access free rapid antigen tests through the concessional access program.

There are different types of rapid antigen tests. Follow the instructions in your kit, as they may differ between tests.

You can also follow this guide on how to use a nasal rapid antigen test.

Taha Availablility /Hire for Fatiha

Weekend Classes

Knowledge is better than wealth because it protects you, while you have to protect wealth


Arabic Classes on Weekday Tuesday & Wednesday from 6pm until 8:30pm:

We have about 10 teachers and they all have vast experience in Arabic Language

Register online fee $30