Funeral Services

Funeral service

We know how hard it is when a loved one have passed away. However, we are here to help out our community to ease the stress, and we have experienced lately the stressful moments of families.

East Steps:

  1. Soon as a family members have passed away– important to call us on ‭0481 163 111‬ or 0468 863 599.
  2. please provide all the information such FULL NAME, AGE, REASON OF DEATH- either in hospital  or Coroner Office- Please make one person to be in contact with us.
  3. We will send our driver to pick it up– and all the paper work be done by us.- once picked up the family members will be notify of arriving of the dead body to the Taha Centre.
  4. Our Funeral Management will be in contact – asking questions– such as who to wash, Kaffan, and other requirements.
  5. Asking if a person have grave or should we book it.
  6. finally it will be washed on day or next day– and will be send to Memorial place.

Thanks to Allah subhanallah for giving us this opportunity, and we are soo grateful to serve our community. The Project began in January 2018, and the application was submitted to Dandenong Council for Mortuary place. The definition of the mortuary is to only wash and keep the body, no Janaz, and however it took over 7 month to finalise the application.


Shia community  was desperate for over 20 years, and in 1998 a-lot of Shia believers moved from their country due to war zone. These people move to make a better life for their families futures and majority of them are form Afghanistan, and Iraq. However, vast majority of the Shia living in South East Melbourne (according to Census- there more than 30,000 Shia living in South East-2018). However, Over the 20 years the Shia communities was washing the body in either Private Funeral Serivce house or Church, or there Islamic mosque, that was due to lack of education and also managing to buy centre.

Allah-hamdullah – Over the success of the Taha centre with help of all Shia’s living in South East- we manage to get the permit for Funeral place for own people. This place everyone number one priority, and alhudlullah the whole community is happy.

The Funeral place have bought a-lot of joy- as most of the community members have said to us  “it feel like our own house- we had the worse experiences in the past with other funeral parlours”, “best place- soo grateful” — “we can now easily worship and happily send our loved to grave”. We are getting very positive feedbacks and these all volunteered work and as a volunteered these expression of Community motivate us more.

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